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Open up and sing ‘ah ’ (Reno News & Review, 06.24.10)
"...after nearly three years, Reno Music Project is returning to the neighborhood coffee shop where it began. The parking sucks, noisy espresso machines are likely to interrupt the most delicate songs, and it has a location nobody would describe as “central,” but if it’s Saturday night, and you’ve got a song you need to sing, and you’re looking for a microphone, this is your destination.

Metromix-Best Open Mic (Reno Gazette-Journal/Metromix, 02.05.10)

Local music showcases looking for new homes (Reno Gazette-Journal, 01.21.10)
"Reno Music Project’s weekly series of open mics and artist showcases came to a close after two years on Dec. 18 after Maytan Music Center, which provided space for the series, said it had other plans for the upstairs space. South currently is testing some new venues to find a permanent replacement. It would be his third location, following Maytan Music and about six years that he staged open mics and artist showcases at Walden’s Coffeehouse in southwest Reno."

Reno performers have showcase... (Reno Gazette-Journal, 02.15.08)
"Some of the best, most interesting singer-songwriters in Reno will be gathered in one place Saturday night when they perform as "The Starz Align" at Maytan Music Center, and the show kicks off with a talented newcomer."

Vital Signs (Reno News & Review, 11.08.07)
Arts editor Peter Thompson examines the health of Reno's music scene
(Todd South is quoted in this article)

South rises again (Reno News & Review, 08.16.07)
The area’s best open-mic night, the Reno Music Project, is resurrected. Hallelujah!

Walden's musicians move to Maytan Music (Reno Gazette-Journal, 08.02.07)
"The recent literal unplugging of the live-music series at Waldens Coffeehouse had music promoter Todd South looking for a new home last month. He found one quickly, and is bringing his coffeehouse music stylings to the very non-coffeehouse venue of Maytan Music at 777 S. Center St.

Music comes to an end at Walden's (Reno Gazette-Journal, 07.11.07)
"Did musicians become the dregs of business at Waldens Coffeehouse? Maybe it wasn't that extreme, but last weekend proved to be the last of the open mike nights and Musicians Showcases of the coffee joint's six-year run of live music."